Confession... yes...

If you asked my sister she would tell you I wear grandma clothes... this is just because I do not opt for modern trends... I shop at the regular stores like Carson's i like Elizabeth Claiborne NOT Aeropostale... is that wrong? I mean I am not hip and trendy by any means but i do not think i am a grandma. In fact my mom (a grandma) is very fashionable!

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    I suppose mom clothes would mean not trendy or hip...NOT dressing like a teenager or 20 year old...
    Yep, I wear mom clothes then because I couldn't tell you what is trendy and hip right now!

    Although if I look at my teenage daughter's wardrobe it is Tripp pants, rock t-shrts and lots of black. Maybe an Aero shirt thrown in. I am definitely not hip, lol.

    I like to wear jeans and a nice top. Or slacks with a cute cardigan. Oh wow, yes I confess. I have a mom wardrobe. Eh, I'm ok with that. ;)
      Leanne Spring
      I wear yoga pants every day of my life and tank tops with nerd shirts. I like to stay comfy! My oldest tells me all the time to start wearing jeans. haha
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