Sleepovers with friends

At what age do you think is okay to have sleepovers with friends? Whether it is family, school friends or neighborhood friends, at what age will you be comfortable with this?

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    well, my oldest two love being with there cousins, and they are 8 and 6. so I have my nieces and nephews come spend the night every other week to every two weeks, depending on what we have goin on. mind you by this time I have a house of 9 kids lol that's including my kids. I say try 1 child sleep over until you are comfortable to add more. I believe once a kid hit s that 6 year old mark they should be able to atleast have one person over. its fun.
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        Well, my son is 9 and my daughter is 7 and I'm not yet okay with it.. lol..

        I think that it would be different for me if we had family close by.. and they stayed over at their aunts house or something.. OR if I had a friend whose kids they all grew up together.. then no biggie..

        I'm less concerned with trusted friends that something would happen.. than I am knowing my kids like their home and own beds at night.. and I think the "idea" of a sleepover to them sounds great, but I know my kids.. I know that once it came time to lights out and sleep.. that they would want to be home... and I'm not ready for a let night pick up..

        So, to answer your question, I think it depends on your child, whose home they're staying at, how close you are with the parents.. etc..

        If it's something you want to happen.. so you can have a night out.. but not sure if they're ready.. I would have dinner at this person home.. and stay later.. and maybe stay up and chat with your friend while the kids settle in and watch a movie or something.. and so they get used to being there at that time..

        But for a long while.. for me.. letting my kids stay over somewhere.. at someones home I'm not close with.. no way.. Not for a long while...
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