How To: Sleep Train Baby

We started sleep training my daughter around 4 months, we started gently by moving her into her crib in her own room, and implementing a bedtime and strong night time routine. (we started a routine from the start but made it more solid around 4 months) We would swaddle her and put her down in her crib drowsy but awake.

later on when she was older after reading "The Sleep Lady: Goodnight Sleep Tight" and using some of those methods, which did help. We did eventually choose to use the Cry It Out method, which isn't for everyone. It was tough hearing her cry, but we just came to a point where nothing else was working. It didn't last long and after some hard work she was sleeping through.

Still at a year she has her moments, and sickness, teething, change of environment can throw it all off. But if you stick to your guns and remember the end goal you can help your baby learn to sleep.

How did you sleep train? Did you? What methods worked for you?

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      I guess I always knew I had to sleep train my daughter. With there being other children in the household it was easy we all slept or at least were all in bed by 7;30pm. It became difficult when My husband and I moved to NC. Being in a new city was terrifying and stressful with no one but each other. We....well i had to nip her sleeping in our bed around about 7 months. We never had time alone. We also had company staying with us who occupied her nursery. Long story short....It was hard to do it again for the second time because now she was older and knew when mommy wasn't around and didn't like the feeling of being left alone. So it took about a week. First night as you can imagine was took 3 and a half hours for her to go down and still i had to get up during the night. second night just under 3 hours. third day it started to frustrate my husband so I took initiative and placed her bassinet in "HER" room. it took about an hour. Than I guess up to the ending of the week. Ill just lay her down and she would nap until morning. For all these mommies who are having trouble with sleep training with their little ones I'l say start now rather than later. Also be patient! you're soon have your "me time" And try to do it in the comfort of your home instead of trying to it while you're on let's say a vacation. I hoped my story helps!!! :)
        UGH.. Sleep training.. the bane of any mothers existence.. My biggest frustration was ONCE I had actually gotten them trained.. then they would get a cold or have gas or something would make them fall off of whatever we just did.. and then I felt like I was re training every few months..

        Sleep training is the one thing I do NOT miss about my kids being babies..
          I think sleep training is VERY important. Whatever method you choose is up to you, but we have to teach our kids to sleep well for their benefit as much as ours. I mean, how would you feel if you were tired but had no idea what to do about it? I would be frustrated too!

          We used CIO once Avery was about 4 months old. She always slept really well at night (6-8hrs by 8 weeks) but naps were a whole other story. She fought sleep sooo much it drove me crazy. Here's what I did:

          1. Eliminate all sleep distractions. darken the room, white noise, etc.
          2. Make baby comfy. Change diaper, burp, make sure they're not hungry (but don't nurse to sleep, Avery always woke up scared cuz she woke up in her crib but she fell asleep in my arms)
          3. Hum, sing, or rock baby for 1-2min. They should be calm/drowsy but not sleeping.
          4. Lay them down and leave the room, even if they are crying.
          5. Wait for 5 minutes, go in and comfort for 1-2min, wait 7 minutes, go in and comfort again, wait 10 minutes.
          6. If they still haven't calmed down after the 10minute take them out and wait until the next nap to try again.

          Most of the time Avery was asleep before the 5 minutes was up but occasionally we went through the whole cycle. Usually this happened right before she dropped a nap because she wasn't really tired.
            We always had a bed time routine for the boys but never made a offical until they slept through thr night.

            But our bed time routine is like this.
            6:30pm logan in the shower
            6:45pm haiden in shower and logan eating snack
            6:50pm vincent bath and then haiden eating snack
            7pm vince in pj ans bottle.
            7:15pm vince teeth and gums and bed time story. Hugs and kisses for vince at 7:30pm
            7:30pm older boys say good night to daddy.
            7:45pm and its bed time stories. By 8pm ita hugs and kisses and lights out.
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              I begin at about 6 weeks for three of my children, when I tried to establishing a regular bedtime routine. At about the same time every night, for instance, I give them a warm bath, read them a book, or then feed them before putting him to bed.
              It some times took time or they went right to sleep. Around 3 months, three of my children have started to develop more of a regular sleep/wake pattern and have dropped most of their night feedings. But of course, every baby is different.

              But my suggestion to new moms or moms to be. Before starting a sleep training, make sure your baby doesn't have any medical conditions that affect his sleep. Also carefully observe how your baby reacts. If he's very resistant or you see a change for the worse in his overall mood and behavior, stop and wait a few weeks before trying again. If you're not sure whether your baby's ready for sleep training, ask your doctor.
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