ABC's of life

A – Accept differences
B – Be kind
C – Count your blessings
D – Dream
E – Express thanks
F – Forgive
G – Give freely
H – Harm no one
I – Imagine
J – Jettison anger
K – Keep confidences
L – Love
M – Master something
N – Nurture hope
O – Open your mind
P – Pack lightly
Q – Quell rumors
R – Reciprocate
S – Seek wisdom
T – Touch hearts
U – Understand
V – Value truth
W – Win graciously
X – Xeriscape
Y – Yearn for peace
Z – Zealously support a worthy cause

About Stacy Koenen
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Birth: January 09
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I had my first child in April 2013, just before our one year anniversary. Riley has been an absolute joy and I love every minute of being mom. But I am the first among my friends to have a child, so there isn't always an easy place to go for advice.