what would you do?

so we've had company staying with us for 3 months now. He sleeps all day and is on the computer all night. Doesn't help out with the baby. and doesnt badge until he smells breakfast or dinner being made. hes 28. How do I start talking to him about leaving. hes my husband's cousin.

    This definitely wouldn't fly in my house. He is family so it is wonderful that you are helping him out. But if you are willing to let him stay it's probably time you lay down some conditions. That he must help out around the house, get a job or not sleep all day, That he needs to respect that there is a young child in the house and can't be up all night. I would speak with your husband and try and get him to back you up and you both approach him together about how you want to help support him, but he can't just be a freeloader.
    how do you talk to someone who wont listen to you. my husband is always working late so im with him 97% of the time. on the weekends my husbands enables him to be lazy.
    Jessica I wished he worked. He didn't even try to look for work. I cant even leave him downstairs with my daughter for 10 minutes while i run upstairs to take a quick shower. He either falls asleep or prefers to sit on FB. It's driving me crazy that hes this old and has no money. My husband and I provide him with clothing, food and shelter. and does nothing for us. My husband just likes helping people out. But i think the reason hes been here so long is that no one else wants him to stay with them becuase he does the same thing everywhere he goes. I want him to leave becuase i caught him drinking cold medicine once, and everytime his mom gives him money he doesnt contribute to groceries just things to make this "syrup". This is not what I want around my daugther. And my husband says he has to leave but makes me do the "bad cop" details. He just has no where else to go and until than were stuck with him!!!
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