Children Later or Earlier in Life

I want to have all my children before I turn 30. I had my daughter at 25 and I love being a young mother. I love that I will be able to be there for my kids and when they are grown up and off to college I'll still be young enough to enjoy empty nester life!

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    Leanne Spring
    I had my first daughter when I was 19, we grew up together. I had my second daughter at 26 and my son at 27 and got my tubes taken out when he was born so we are done. We are a young family and love it!! When my oldest is 20 I will only be 40!
      Being a mom never was something that I wanted.. or didn't want.. I just never really gave it much thought.. Always had this idea of being an adult one day with a husband and kids.. But I chose a career that led me to a life that wasn't great for relationships and certainly not family oriented.. I had my nieces and never really FELT like I HAD to have kids. But wasn't closed off to it..

      I met my kids dad when I was 32.. and had kids at 34, and 36.. Now that I'm almost 43 (YIKES)... I can't imagine having had them any earlier.. It would have been nice.. I think I would have more energy.. and always loved the idea of being a mom to a teenager before I got too old to "get" them anymore.. lol..

      But now.. I can't imagine the type of mom I would have been.. I think that everything I've done and been through and explored and travelled has made me the mom that i am today.. and perhaps any sooner, I would have sucked at it all.. Or not.. you never know..

      Everything in our own time.. Or God's for that matter :)
        Paula Andrea
        I understand you 100%.. I am turning 30 in July and I have my 3 kids.. I honestly feel like I'm only 23 because I look at my older son and he's as tall as me and he's 11.. my younger son will be 7 and my baby girl is only 6 months and I feel so young. When my kids get older they will have a young mother and father that would be able to enjoy life with them.
          I had all of my children in my twenties too.
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