Family dinners? Nightly? Am I a bad mother!??? Lol

We have dinner at the table 4 nights a week.. Together. It's just me and my kids and I have it at the table to have some as semblance of "normal".. Whatever that is.

My kids and I are together constantly. Except school and work of course, but when they're home or on weekends we are together.. Hanging out, playing a game, errands etc.

I love having dinner at the table but it goes so quickly. And it's not like we have to catch up on the others day. We have fun and chat and tell jokes.

BUT the other nights, we eat either at the coffee table while watching a show or they eat picnic style while I clean or work or fold laundry.

I'm in the same room and we are all together but I feel guilty. Like its bad or I should be more strict on dinners.

However, that extra 30 minutes of them occupied is nice. And after a long day some times we just need to eat in quiet or watch a show ...

I guess I don't feel guilty but curious to know if you all have dinner every night together.. At the table and how that works.

My ex and I Akways ate after the kids were in bed and would do the table or watch a movie...

When we DO eat at the table, it's nice but it can be a hassle.

Anyone?? What are your dinner routines?

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