I got on this site to possibly meet other moms in the area with children that can play with mine. My son is 5 years old, he has always done well with playing by himself, but we want him to make friends, and be social, when he was younger we moved alot, and finding and keeping friends has been difficult because of that, but now we are settled in Orlando, and will be here for some time while my boyfriend finishes school. What i was wondering is, are there any mommies with children my sons age, that would like to meet up at a park for a play date. the weather has been so pretty, and staying inside is ridiculous when its so pretty out. so anyone in the area up for a play date?

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      If I was closer to Orlando I would totally be there! Unfortunatly, I'm not. But I hope you find some mamas and friends that are closer to you!
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      I am a stay at home mom, my kids are amazing, and too smart for me at times, love to sing and dance, and just hang out, and looking for people with kids the same age as mine so that i can introduce them to new friends!