We had a hard time naming our daughter, but we came up with Kailene Rae. Our next baby is already named, depending on what we have. Jax Michael for a boy, cause of SOA, and we like different names, the Michael is my brothers name, and my boys middle name. Addiellah Mary for a girl cause, I like Addison and Ella, so I put them together and Mary is my boys grams name who passed away. I always incorporate family in it :)

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    Leanne Spring
    Our daughter Gemma is named after SOA! Everyone thought for sure we would name our son Jax but it was too common for me so we named him after Star Trek!
    Leanne Spring
    I love the name Jack ans Jax but in Ontario, it is so popular!! I know at least 7 moms with sons named Jax in the past 2 years! If our Gemma was a boy, her name would have been Abel.
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