So... when did you stop wearing yoga pants?

When I found out I was pregnant I was working in an office. Granted it was semi-casual, I was allowed to wear jeans. But when I moved up here with my fiance and worked from home I was super excited to hang out in jammies all day. Okay, not jammies, moomoos. Yep, big ol flowery moomoos. So.. I kinda sorta promised myself that even thought I was no longer working, as soon as I had Charlie I would wear regular clothes again.

I haven't. Charlie is 3 months old and I've worn jeans maybe a dozen times. I have a really good fiance that turns the other way. But yeah. I fear I will never wear regular clothes again.

How long did you all just keep wearing comfy stuff?

    I have to stop? What is this nonsense you speak of?
      never stopped, before i had my son 5 and a half years ago, I wore heels everyday, always dressed up, fixed my hair, and put make up on, its the middle of the day, and i am still in my jammies, messy bun thats falling down, no make up, and i can barely walk in heels anymore, i wear flats everywhere lol, I only dress up when i have to go do something
        Yes, we have to stop??? I wear yoga pants all the time, unless I have to leave the house. Somedays I will put on jeans just because and look pretty. To me as long as I'm comfortable I really am laid back on what I wear! :D Hang in there, it gets better! today I have on jeans for no reason, and washed my hair. Didn't do it, but washed it! ;)
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