Working From Home

You need to have a reason, you need to know why you are going to start and what it takes before you start. I started my own business from home, so I can have the future I picture in my head, with the red kitchen, home office, dogs, and cats and our kids, and my jeep, and the old country style home, I want my daughter to always have me when she needs me, and never have to say, I'm working I can't. I want her to always have me there when she needs me. It takes a lot of time, and effort, and patience. But in order to make the dream you have in your head come true, you need to work at it. I love my job, I would love to work for this site too, I love being able to talk to other mothers about my problems, and their as well. I love being able to be home with my daughter, she's only going to get older and more independent, so I did not want to risk me not being there when she needed me.

    I applaud moms who work outside the home, I can barely get anything done with one baby, and I'm home all day!! But as soon as I knew I was pregnant I had a heart to heart with my fiance. My biggest fear was that some babysitter would call me one day and tell me that Charlie said his first word. That doesn't mean that some day I'll be in another room and still miss it. But I couldn't handle that.

    My mom waited until all of us were in school to go back to work. Then a few years later my dad cut his garage in half and built her her own beauty shop so that she could still be home when we got home from school.

    Either way you do it, it's hard work. As long as you're working for your family it's worth it!

    (By the way, Cheyenne...I live out in the country, I work from home, my kitchen is red. I have a dog, 2 wild outdoor cats that came with the house, my old jeep is sitting out in the yard waiting for a new engine.... spooky)
    I bought an old jeep cherokee when I moved to Montana 13 years ago. It's just sitting there waiting to be brought back to life. My fiance just bought us a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo the other day that he's going to fix. NONE of our vehicles work well with the baby and the dog so he got us an SUV. I don't know what the cats names are.. they're just wild cats that roam around and yell at us to feed them..haha. Lexi is a rescue dog and Flo was found by the railroad tracks eating dead things so we brought her home, she'll be a present for my mom who's moving up here next month.

    Lets see... kitchen is red, living room is a nice beigey browny color, his bathroom is yellow, my bathroom is orange (which is nice because I'm a Broncos fan!)... haven't painted the boys room yet.. I just can't decide!
      We have two cars, on sedan and one coupe.. the car seat issue is just ridiculous. I HATE trying to put my big butt back there and lug the seat around lol. We have a convertible seat, that's in the truck because it fits better, but then the dog has to sit in the back and she HATES it if she can't sit with dad.

      We have a little Nissan pickup, but it's just a two seater with a tiny back area. That means car seat has to be in front passenger seat and it makes me uncomfortable.

      So.. yeah, the Laredo was a good choice! Room for all! :)
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