help please

hello everybody, can i get some advice from you guys? okay im trying to get pregnent but itsnot going so good o wat should i do?

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      Hi Brittney. My ex husband and I tried for a long time to have a baby. I finally just got used to the idea that it was not meant for me. Then I was single for a while, and then I met my fiance a little over a year ago and WHAM, two pink lines! Sometimes trying is what gets in the way. I know first hand that "Just relax and don't stress about it" is harder than it sounds... but it really is true. See your OB, tell her you're trying and she can go through some things to make sure you're healthy and ready. Good luck!
        Hi Brittney, Sorry it's taking you time to get pregnant. Are you charting or doing anything else to monitor your cycle and the best times to get pregnant? I know many of my friends had great success with charting ovulation!
          Just try to relax.. Enjoy it. If you stress out it might make it tougher to get pregnant.
          Another thing you can try is. Post-sex try putting a pillow under your bum and lay that way for a few moments before just getting it. Might help.
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          well im trying to get pregnant but its hard and I don't know what else to do
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