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Oh my goodness, where to start...
I've been feeling crappy about myself. I'm not a size 0 and desperately want to get back to that size so badly. I've been feeling motivated I just need to get some exercise things since going to the gym is out of the question. Hubby got a new job, he's working nights now. It's very hard to go to sleep without him. I guess my body has gotten so used to sleeping next to him every night. I have a stye infection in my right eye, oh it's horrible.
Sophia has been growing and learning new things like crazy. She says 'nigh nigh' meaning night night for bed time. She's grown into mommy's little helper now. She's such a sweet girl. I wonder how in the world did I get so lucky???

    Hi Sarah, so glad that you can see the good in sometimes not the best situations. Remember that gaining weight does not happen over night, neither does losing it. Cut yourself some slack, take the right steps and you will get there! Sometimes my fiance gets called out in the middle of the night. I just go watch tv because I can't sleep without him here.

    Love the name Sophia, I have a niece named Sophia! Everyone deserves a wonderful life, I'm so glad you found yours!
    I know it doesn't happen over night. I've been working out like crazy every single night that my daughter goes to bed and hubby isn't home I work out till I can't anymore and I have no results from it, it's gets me down sometimes. Hubby usually works from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. so staying up waiting isn't an option for me lol
    & I love it too, it's such a pretty name, it's angelic and sweet.
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        Thanks for the update, Sarah! And you are not alone.. carrying a baby and having a baby changes you forever.. physically and emotionally.. so we are all going through it or have gone through it. In regards to your body.. it doesn't happen over night and there is not quick fix.. I have found embracing what it is helps.. and staying consistent with your goals, eating, working out, or whatever.. is really the biggest key! :)
          My hubby rotates shifts. Overnight shifts are always the hardest on me and the kids. Stay positive mama, and know that there's a whole bunch of us here to chat with you if you need us :)
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