Walking on tip toes

It's NORMAL! I would not be worried about this. It will most likely be just out of habit. I always walked on my tip toes just out of habit. Or trying to keep quiet. hehe sneaky sneaky.. I never had any issues. So don't over-think or worry about it too much. I'm an adult and still walk on my tip toes sometimes! :)

It don't mean its a sign that something is wrong. Do not go putting casts on his /her feet. Just relax. If you notice he/she is still curling the toes when sitting. Try rubbing his/her feet to relax them.

My daughter is autistic and sometimes leaves her toes curled like she is stressed. I just rub her feet or remind her to relax her toes and she does. But sometimes she just laughs and puts them back to curled position. Like "whatever mom.. I like them like that."

A reminder, IF the child has other underlining issues such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy.. then you should take them to be looked at.

But, remember.. their feet will not be deformed from walking on tip toes (if they are healthy with no underlining health issues).
My feet are just fine. My sisters as well. :)

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    Yes, too cute!
      Honestly, I had never heard of tip toe walking to be something of concern until just the other day! My daughter walked on her tippy toes for a few weeks and then got over that phase and moved on to walking backwards everywhere she went...
        8Theresa Gould
        I never knew walking on tip toes was anything to be concerned about, I just thought it was normal and the children who did it all outgrew it.
          Beth Valencia, Theresa Gould.. Same for me! I never thought it was a concern until I seen it on this website! hehe

          Me too Melissa.. I am a "tip toer" ha!
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