So about 2 hours ago we were in wal-mart walking around Sophia was pushing the buggy while I was steering it. This older lady was walking by us when Sophia lets go of the buggy and runs to this lady (I have never met her before nor do I know her.) she picked Sophia up and said something along the lines of "You wanna come home with me?" and then she proceeded to push me on the shoulder and to make me 'go along with it' and I didn't even budge. I've been through some things in my past. I'm really paranoid about things like this. Old lady or not Nobody is going to hold my child without my permission. I reached to take my child back and this old lady pushed me away!! FROM MY CHILD!! -_- I swear I was so mad I could have slapped the living mess outta that woman!! I gave her a death glare and reached for my daughter again. This woman stared me down and I got my daughter free from her and went on about my day. I'm still shaken up. It really ticked me off!!

    Whoa I would have freaked out!
      I've been going over the scenario over and over again in my head thinking I was too rude or too mean. I'm a big softy at heart so I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but when it comes to my family and something like this I go crazy. It's like a switch just clicks and I want to be nice and civil but at the same time I want to be rude and tell them off. I'm glad that everyone is agreeing that I handled this well. I wasn't too sure if I did or not.
        Thats crazy. I don't know how I would have handled that situation. Luckily my girls are old enough to know not to talk to strangers but even when they were younger they didn't like anyone but mommy and daddy. Its really crazy and weird some of the things older people do and say. I think you did a great job.
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