Hard or soft mama..

I would say.. I'm both. I am the fun mom, silly, loves to play around, have movie nights, game nights, ice cream sundae sleepovers!
But, I think to be respected you need some rules. You can't just let he/she run wild. Then they can just walk all over you. I believe in respect. 100%
Like if someone talks to you.. you should look at them in the eyes. Not just look into your cell phone like w/e.

Me and my daughter have a very close relationship. But, when it's time to lay down the law.. I do. I tell her "I'm your mom before I'm your friend".

We (moms) always have to be the bad guy unfortunately. We are the one's who have to say NO, you can't have that snack before dinner. Or, No, you can't go to the mall tonight. Or, no more texting tonight. lol

Usually, even dads say.. go ask mom. So either way it's us who has to do the punishing in most cases. And for us single moms..It's tough because I hate to be the bad guy. I just want it to be good all the time. But, sometimes I have to say no to something she REALLLLY wants to do. Like a concert. lol

And am I the only one who would rather their child/teen stick to smaller venue shows instead of huge concerts..? It's more dangerous these days. Especially after the bombs we had here last year in the Boston marathon. I am seriously not liking the concert idea. But, that's me.

Also, I like my daughter to watch tv programs that are appropriate. I do not allow MTv in the house. Ever. She use to ask to watch when she was young but now, she never asks. We don't watch reality tv shows either. I try to have tv shows we can learn from. Or animals. We do have movie nights and thankfully she enjoys a lot of family movies. (PG or anime). I think even regular tv pushes the envelope these days with sexual content and nudity. I limit her online activity and time she is on also. And she is ok with it. I have talks with her how some of the Twitter girls act spoiled. That they go to every single concert and I don't agree. And she shouldn't feel jealous. That she needs to realize spending thousands on concerts is a waste. Buy the concert dvd and music cd. Cheaper!

We also have study time. Reading the bible between 30-60 minutes 5 times a week. I am not overly religious but my daughter has been through so much and I myself have had a near death experience also so I think it's important to make time for God. :)

We also spend a lot of time with my family. Very important to bring children up with correct morals and teach them to respect others or they won't respect anyone. Not even you.

So, if you ask me if I'm a hard or soft mama.. I'd say I'm just right!

Moms Expertise
Yes!! Exactly! :)
    I am hard... but with a soft underbelly. I lay down the rules and make sure they are followed. But sometimes the cuteness gets the best of me and I can't help but laugh. For example, my son and daughter got into a nasty argument this morning so I sent them both to time out. We started talking about why they had been nasty to each other and Audrey (3) out of nowhere says "Because we're just kids" in the cutest voice I have ever heard. It completely negated any control I had over the situation... but I laughed anyway.
    Omgosh that's adorable hehe
      8Theresa Gould
      I'd say I was a hard mama with a soft spot, but I've mellowed over the years so maybe I'm mush now? lol!
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        hehe funny.

        I remember someone on the Cake Boss show asked this old couple that was married for over 50 years.. he asked " What's your secret?" The old man said.. " Yes Dear!". I loved it!! His wife just giggled.
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