A Blur!

Whoa.. here we are.. it's been exactly 6 weeks since Monroe was born! To be honest.. I can't figure out if it feels like it's gone by fast or slow.. somedays it feels like it happened yesterday and others.. it feels like it's been 6 months.. ha!

Mamas.. can you remember what those first few weeks felt like? What advice would you give another new Mama about to bring home a baby?

I think I would say.. take everything in stride, as it comes, rest when you can, take help when it's offered, and know that things will get easier and better :) Also.. listen to your heart and instincts.. Mama instincts are good!

    I agree rest when you can and snuggle as often as you can too! hehe Those little moments go by TOO FAST. I never understood that until now. My daughter just turned 17 so yeah.. I'm like where did the time go. Enjoy every minute!
    God bless you and your little bundle of joy! ♡
      Awww Monroe and Hayden share a birth day... not the age... but Thursday!! Hayden is 40-some weeks today (gosh, she is such a 3rd child, my first 2 I would've known the exact week!).

      My advice would be to lower your expectations of yourself. In my last week of pregnancy I made a 2 page long list of all the things I would do while on maternity leave. I got exactly 1 of those things done in the 8 weeks I was home. Those weeks aren't supposed to be for changing the house around or deep cleaning or any other big changes. They are for resting and healing and bonding with the newest member of your family!!
        8Theresa Gould
        I think your advice is good and probably what I would say too.
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