..expect chaos and no sleep :)

But I mean that in the best way possible!

Everything changes.. if it's your first babe.. your world is about to get rocked.. and all for the better! Everything else comes second fiddle to making sure your babe is eating, sleeping, pooping & peeing like they should.. it sounds so easy.. but it's a game changer!

You can expect broken sleep, sometimes confusion on what the baby needs, learning their cries and cues, messing diapers, spit up, and emotions that run high! Try to be open and honest with your partner or family on what YOU, as a Mama, need help with.. don't try to do it all yourself. You might expect some pain from healing, soreness and just overall exhaustion.. it's all normal. You can expect a new routine, or trying to make one.. but everything now revolves around a baby - not yourself all the time :)

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    We were so blessed with 3 great sleepers. But FYI, the whole routine change, confusion, and everything else you mentioned isn't just the case with the first baby!! Even with my 3rd I found myself feeling like a brand new, inexperienced parent!
    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with you, Beth, there was a period of adjustment with each child, but for us it wasn't unexpected and we pretty much knew how it would play out. It was the getting to know the new little human being that was different each time because it was a brand new person getting introduced into our family.
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