What are some of your obsessions?
Some of mine are:
1.) SHOOEEEESSS, everytime i buy an outfit i have to buy shoes, i swear me an my son have a whole closet of just shoes!
2.) CLOTHES, i love buying clothes, mainly more of now for carter than i am myself now.
3.) Kitchen stuff, since i love cooking im obsessed with making sure i have alot of pans and dishes.
4.) Panties. i know its weird but i love shopping for underwear. not sure why.
5.) Time management? i always have my to do list in order and time made out and if im running behind i freak out. I hate feeling like im behind.

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know if I have any obsessions....it use to be books. We use to buy so many books.
      I love your list! I could have written parts of it too, haha.

      I am with you on the shoes and clothes. And panties (blush).

      I am obsessed with books too. I seriously have so many, it's just crazy.

      Right now I am obsessed with decorating my bedroom. This isn't easy because I am sooooo picky. My colors are cream, teal and black, but I don't want everything matchy matchy color wise. I have no idea how I am going to make myself happy in that respect.
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