A mother's nightmare

There are good memories and not so good memories from the day my daughter was born. Like the first moment I heard her cry. Or the first moment I held her in my arms and looked into her beautiful brown eyes. I realized I would never love anyone like I love this little girl right here.

I was in the shower after when they were doing her checkup and the doctor came in. She told me I better sit. That my baby couldn't breathe well and she might have pneumonia. She would have to be sent to another hospital that could check her out better. She ended up missing a pulmonary heart valve, a huge hole in the chambers of her heart and missing about half her vessels in her lungs. The vessels she did have were so narrow. I was told she wouldn't live the night.

Imagine! You just have this little miracle in your arms.. and then she is taken away and I didn't know what was going on. I was having a serious meltdown. Anxiety attacks to the highest level.

It was 2 days before I could leave and go to Children's Hospital to be with her. And again they told me to hold her as much as I could because they didn't think she would make it the week. They were surprised she was still alive. I couldn't believe it. This doctor sounded so.. cold. Like don't he have a heart. All me & my family could do was pray. And well.. God must have plans for her because she proved all those doctors wrong. Not once or twice but over and over.

She's had so many surgeries. 4 open heart surgeries and will need another at any time, back surgery to put rods in for scoliosis(top to bottom), feeding tube in her stomach and removed a few years later, eye surgery and so many cath lab procedures to balloon open her vessels. Oh and another cath procedure where they put in a melody valve in over her pulmonary valve to help it last a little longer. All this because of 1 little missing chromosome. 22q.

I wonder.. If any of this could've been because of physical abuse. I never said this to my ex but.. I thought it. Who really knows.

I remember her first open heart surgery like it was yesterday. The look of her, feel. All of it. I almost passed out that day. Something I don't think I'll ever forget.

I'm not sharing this for sympathy. Just to share hope and love with you all. That no matter what the situation. No matter what doctors say.. anything is possible with prayer and support from family and friends. Always be positive.

Hold your baby close and thank God he or she is healthy. Enjoy every moment you have together. We never know how long we have with our loved ones. I just hope we still have a long long time together.

♥Positivity.Love & Laughter♥

A mother's nightmareA mother's nightmareA mother's nightmareA mother's nightmare
Thank you. Sweet of you ✿
    8Theresa Gould
    Wow, that must have been so scary to go through. Glad she's ok and it's incredible when God defies the doctors proving them wrong! Also proves your daughter is a fighter!
    Yes, So true. And thank you. God is good :)
      Comment deleted
      Thank you. Yes, very strong indeed, It was definitely the most scary thing I'd ever been through.
      God bless you too!✿
        Thanks Kim Haiduke. that's kind of you.

        Thanks Laura Niemeyer. He must right :)
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