How much do third babies change a home?

My husband and I just felt outnumbered. I was also overwhelmed when I had our third, as we had three children three and under. I think I had a lot of expectations placed on myself, I have shared before, I was out strawberry picking two weeks postpartum. I felt I should be able to do all the same things I did when I just had two. That quickly changed! I started napping with the girls. I cut my nap short to get things done or did it while they played or in the evenings after they were asleep. It just seemed like they all needed me so much and I was needed in three places at once, often more when you include house, meals and hubby .

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    I thought 3 was the easiest number. There is nothing, in my opinion, as hard as going from zero to one!! If you can handle that, you can handle anything...Then, from one to 2, I felt like I had to split my time, which was tough. But by the time my little guy came along, I was used to being a mom, used to juggling everything and really just was able to enjoy him the most as a baby, to be honest. I don't stress on everything with him like I did as a new mom, and he's also the most chilled of our 3 kids. I do think the fact that my husband and I were so much more relaxed with him is a factor in his personality.
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