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I have a question. I am looking at maybe homeschooling Bub if we aren't able to work out his issues in school. My question is, do you use a certain curriculum? I would prefer a secular based one and supplementing with my own spiritual lessons as I see fit, if we decide to do this. Where would I even begin to look? I know I could do some of the lesson planning myself but I worry I would run out of ideas.

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    Some use a specific curriculum, others, like us, use a hodge podge. Meaning we use a little bit from this curriculum, a little bit from another and supplement with individual courses that stand on their own.

    You can start at the vendor hall of your state homeschool conference or look up your city's homeschool groups and see if they are hosting any used curriculum sales. At conferences you have the benefit of talking with a curriculum representative. Join a homeschool group to ask other moms what they are using for a boy your son's age.
      Same questions I have.. I am thinking of homeschooling my daughter for the start of the next school year. Just need to figure out the steps.. and how to get my curriculum.
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        That's one I plan on looking into. I don't know anyone who has tried it though so not sure if it is a good program. I'd love to hear feedback if anyone has it!

        Ideally he will be okay, at least for next year. I may pull him anyways after that because I think with his getting overwhelmed so easily it might be a good time to transition. So many choices to make.

        His counselor is adamantly against it, saying he particularly needs socialization so that he can learn things he hasn't figured out yet. I think that is baloney, I know home schooled kiddos that get plenty of socialization.
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