So me and hubby want to start couponing cause we want to start saving more money I do know that it takes a lot to put into it (time) but the bottom line save money Help please!

Epiffany endressAshtabula, Ohio
    Start slow. Pick one Sunday paper, cut out coupons for what you know your family will use and then hit the stores. It's a process to even start, trust me!

    Once you feel comfortable with just one transaction at one store then step it up, if you want to. Look at the sales papers, write down what will be on sale versus what coupons you can cut out of the paper. Keep a few envelopes handy and sort your coupons by store.

    Oh, and if you find a store that doubles coupons find out their policy! Kroger here will double them up to 50 cents, or round up to a dollar. Fantastic way to save!

    Once you really get the hang of it try some websites. Many will tell you what will be in the Sunday paper (coupons) and who has sales that you can combine those coupons with. Not only that, but some sites will tell you how to buy things like shampoo and toothpaste for almost nothing by using rewards cards and store coupons.

    It can get kind of addicting!
      Epiffany endress
      thank you guys for the advice keep them coming lol
        5Soninka Martin
        Before you go to the grocery store, go online and print out a few coupons for items that you know you need. This starts you off saving money with coupons with little effort.
        Subscribe to your local Sunday paper. Sit down once a week, preferably on Sunday, and clip all the coupons from the Sunday paper and any magazines in the house. What I usually do is file my coupons or put them in the scrape books.
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