feeling like a failure

I am having such a hard time with my health. Before I got pregnant I was almost in remission. I have a bladder disease called interstitial cystitis. Its really painful and I am tired all the time. I feel so bad for her bc I feel like I don't do enough with her.:( I don't drive so i am dependent on help bc of the fatigue i choose not to drive. Anyone with chronic fatigue relate to this how do you cope?

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    She turns 2 on june 9th . I don't have much support even my relationship with her father is not great. I keep trying to make it work but I am sure the stress is part of it. I am stuck in a vicious cycle. There aren't a lot of affordable classes for her either for her age. I take her to the library with another mom who drives me but its only once a week. So that is the only time she sees anyone. She constantly asks to go out. She will bring me clothes and keys and I feel so bad her dad just sits there doing nothing and if i say something we end up fighting. I feel like if things don't improve its going to have to end for everyone. There are a few things I promised myself I would work on that i KNOW bother him before i throw the towel in so to speak.
      You have a daughter already? How old? How far along are you?

      I can't imagine what you go through. In fact just earlier today (I haven't slept much in 3 nights .. Since our earthquake And kids up a lot scared).. I was telling a friend how fried I was and the thought of doing dishes or getting the laundry or helping w homework was exhausting. And I said, "can u imagine feeling like this all the time?"
      One of our friends has fibromyalgia and has major fatigue. It's heartbreaking.

      She doesn't "do" much either with her kids. But they've learned to bring things to her. Games, cards, books etc and she can rally just enough to play them or read to them.

      Try to find anything you CAN do and make it special.
      Kids are really understanding if you are honest in your health. They're forgiving too I think.

      I know your guilt is huge.
      She takes a medicine for fatigue. Provigil or something. It's for narcolepsy or chronic fatigue and she said its life changing. Keeps her alert. Not energetic but aware.

      You take anything? Before pregnancy? During? Talk to ur doctor. There's got to be something u can take to help.
      I don't see a dr bc honestly they never help me. I have found herbs massage acupunture to be the most help along with diet. Before I had her I was almost free of pain and all my symptoms . I haven't been able to get it back. Also I have been making less income so i don't care for myself the way I used to. I hear what your saying about kids but she doesn't understand at almost 2 she brings me the keys and her clothes and my clothes and gets really upset if i don' take her out. I have been trying to find other moms to go out with but i am having a hard time finding support by me.
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