Exhausting but oh so rewarding

Suddenly you have a fragile little person who depends on you for everything and that can be an overwhelming thing at first. But luckily babies are pretty easy to care for in the beginning. When they cry they're either hungry, wet, tired or in need of attention and you will learn what cry means what. In the first few weeks get someone to help with cooking, cleaning and all that stuff that you're going to find hard to do not just because you have a baby to care for, but because your body is healing.

Your hormones are going to go crazy so you're going to cry at the most random things. I found myself wanting to ball my eyes out every time my husband went to work because I was going to miss him.

Make sure you give the baby's father time to bond too. I found it was so easy to take over everything without realising. He needs quality time with the baby too so take a load off and get a much needed nap or bath and let daddy watch baby for a while.

People are going to all want to visit to see the new edition. Be firm and make sure they respect your need to rest but also be understanding that the baby is a part of their lives now too and it's natural for them to want to see their new family member/friends baby. Have a rest while the rellies coo and cuddle the baby.

Breastfeeding, if you choose to or are able to, is going to be harder than you think. Don't beat yourself up about it. Practice makes perfect for you and for baby and, if you're like me and just don't produce the milk your baby needs and have to feed him/her with formula then thats perfectly fine. You're still a great mom and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

If your baby is health and happy that's all that matters. Listen to advice, but in the end go with your gut and do what YOU and your baby's father feel is right for your child. You will feel a lot less stressed if you do.

Hope this helps!

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