Your Baby can read

My mother Just got the box set of your baby can read. any thoughts on it?

    Never tried it, but please let us know how it goes!!!
      I would love to try it! I heard that for it to actually be effective, the parent has to be extremely involved in it though. One parent I spoke to about it before told me that he and his son did it, but if they would ever miss a day, he seemed to just forget it all.
        My babies couldn't read. Lol
        Anything that has repetition and word association will work. Eventually.

        I'd love to know how it works for you. You could be our Guinea pig.

        But if u got sight word flash cards and did that every day then that's sorta what I did. But in school they'll learn phonetics and then the rules anyway.

        Do a beginning video then a month later video progress. ;)
          My thoughts?

          Your baby cannot read. No one's baby can read.

          Developmental psychology tells us that babies simply cannot read. They can memorize things, they can learn that certain combinations of shapes (letters are shapes at this age) mean certain things, but they can't read.

          Reading includes learning to sound out letters and letter combinations, beginning to understand root words, prefixes and endings, word meanings, as well as sight reading. Sight reading is as close to Your Baby Can Read as real reading gets, and even then it's not really even sight reading yet. Sight reading is also not actually functional reading and is only used for really simple words. You can't take a child who can only sight read, plop them in front of a book, and expect progress without additional instruction.
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