Quirky Discipline Rules That Work

I came across this article and thought it was great! I am a pretty emotional person so i worry I may yell too much when my daughter gets older but I thought these unique ideas could really work.

have you tried any of these? would you?

Katie I think these could help with the Yell free parenting you posted about the other day!

    Thanks for this article Leah and for thinking of me!
      Rule #6 (no whining) is one I say over and over and over again lately!! Audrey went from being defiant and independent to suddenly being completely dependent and helpless about a month ago. I don't know which is worse, but I do know that there's a WHOLE lot more whining now!!! I keep telling her "I don't understand when you talk like that" partially because I don't want to respond to whining... but mostly because I honestly don't understand!!!
        This is a great article!
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