Purity balls? Dances? Rings? Oh my!

Just reading stories on the purity balls taking place. Where a father vows to remain a leader over his home and protect his daughter who is vowing to stay pure until marriage. No kissing.. Nada.

I love the idea I think but in this article they say the girls in a sense are married to God and their fathers are their boyfriends. And that wording I guess creeps me out. Why boyfriend? Can't they stay fathers? Why use that term it's icky to me.

I get it. I do. I know what they "mean"... I think.

I wish and hope more girls would take this vow ... Whether out loud or silently or spiritually but for some reason this story rubbed me the wrong way. What do you think?


    I haven't read the article, but I have heard of the idea. I'm with you. I like the idea behind it, but the way it is presented seems way creepy and weird. I had a family friend who's father gave her a purity ring. It was a GORGEOUS ring and she wore it on her left hand - almost like an engagement ring. The idea was that until she had a wedding ring to replace it with the ring would remind her of the values and morals her parents had taught her. That was the first I had heard of this idea and I loved the way they presented it... but the whole talk of Dad being your boyfriend and all that is just a little off to me
      This is weird to me. I think the idea of a Dad vowing to protect and love his daughter is sweet but the whole purity ball and no kissing thing is just strange to me. It is also SO unrealistic for these times. You can raise your kids with great values and teach them self worth of their bodies and that you would like them to wait until marriage, but you have to be realistic about the world.

      I also feel like things like this cause so much shame in girls who maybe get carried away one day and make a mistake and do something they hand't planned to do. Like so many of us have done.

      I think teach values, teach self worth, promise to protect but don't go overboard.
        Totally agree with both of you.

        I think the idea is cool but the presentation of your dad guarding your virginity seems creepy.

        And yes Leah... Sometimes you gotta kiss some frogs. Don't bang em all or kids a bunch but c'mon. I think what if her husband is a really terrible kisser?? Now she's stuck??? For life?? Yuck. Bummer.

        And even if she never kissed someone before and wouldn't know good from bad.. Oh no.

        Nothing worse than a bad kisser. Yeee uck. ;)
          8Theresa Gould
          I didn't read the article.

          I've only ever been with my husband. He's the only one I've ever kissed and I'm proud of it. I don't think I missed out on anything. And no, my father had nothing to do with any of my decisions regarding purity.

          I can only hope and pray our children make similar choices to remain pure until marriage.
            This is too much for me...although the morality concept is there somehow this seems like taking things to the extreme...but hey if it works for you then more power to you!
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