Do you interrupt a nap?

I am not one to tiptoe around a sleeping baby, but I do try not to wake them up unless it is absolutely necessary. I've been known to sit in the parking lot of Target waiting for kids to wake up so I can go in and do my shopping. What about you? Will you wait it out for your little one to wake up?

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    Always. Lol. Unless I had to go pick up the older one.. I always tried to time it right but u never know some days.
    Picking my kiddos up from sound sleep and carefully getting them into the car then carrying them to the classroom ... Some days I was shocked they slept thru it. Lol

    Also have waited in car for enough sleep that if I woke them by accident then it would be okay.

    However. Many times.. Again.. The sleeping little one is carried into store, placed in cart in her cushy seat cover and stayed asleep. Crazy they can do that but u do what you gotta do.

    With my 2nd and 3rd (when my step son was w us).. The day can't stop cause someone is napping.
      I try to schedule around naps, at least the important naps. If my kid falls asleep in the car and I NEED to be somewhere, I will wake them up. Even if that need is just that I have no other time to shop this week and it must be done now.

      It gets harder to respect the sanctity of nap time when you have older kids!! My oldest has girl scouts at the exact time the baby wants to take a nap. The baby won't nap unless she's in her bed. It's a mess, but she just has to get through it once a week because sometimes the older kids' stuff has to be a priority.
        I don't unless it's necessary like going to pick up the other kids fromS chool or something .. But I try to plan around that! I would wait if we drove and they fell asleep, unless older :)
          If I'm out I will wake him - like if he falls asleep on the way home from daycare or while I'm out shopping, but I try my best to help him fall right back to sleep and not jostle him about too much.
          If we're at home I let him sleep as much as he needs, although last night we were at my in laws and he had slept from 5pm and I woke him at 6 because his usual bed time is between 8 and 9 and the way he was sleeping I knew if I didn't wake him up and let him have a bit more awake time he was going to be waking up super early the next morning.
          But in general I let him sleep as much as he needs to.
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