Vitamin k deficiency in newborns

Ok, I will try to keep this breif, but I thought this would be a good discussion topic. I read this article:…

It's pretty long but very informative. It's about vitamin k deficiency in new borns. Basically all newborns are born with her low vitamin k levels, which aid in blood clotting. For most this isn't an issue because a few weeks after birth the levels return to normal. However, in rare cases vitamin k doesn't increase and the babies can suffer from life threatening internal bleeding in the brain or intestines. The babies who do survive are usually left with severe brain damage. These rare cases are found almost exclusively in breastfed infants. Formula contains extremely high levels of vitamin k so whatever underlying issue causes the baby's deficiency is overcome by formula. Breastmilk contains normal amounts of vitamin I which is sufficient for most babies, but not in these rare cases.

Since nobody knows what causes these rare and extreme deficiencies doctors used to require all newborns to receive a vitamin k shot at birth. This was especially recommended if the mother planned to exclusively breastfeed. New trends have made the vitamin k shot optional but highly recommended in traumatic births that could cause bleeding.

There have now been 5 cases of extreme vitamin k cases, which sparked the author to write this article. None of the babies received the vitamin k shot. My questions are: Did your baby get a vitamin k shot? Would you give any future babies the vitamin k shot just in case?

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