My life as a romantic comedy... What's your movie?

What movie.. If you had to choose one, loosely even.. Is like your life or your story ... Either love story, kids, growing up?

I have a couple but i would say right now, for one aspect is "when Harry met Sally"

I've known my boyfriend for 18 years. We have been in and out of touch since we met doing stand up comedy one night 18 years ago.
We've always had a crush on each other but it was the friendship that was the strongest and so we never really crossed that line (accept a few massive drunken make out sessions back in the day)..

Then we'd go back to being friends. He travelled for work, had lots of different girlfriends. I had my share, we were Akways friends.

I got married in 2002... Just before that when I met my husband we started to lose touch as he was in NY for work and I was here. Then once I got married, we weren't in touch anymore. Just lost it.

After my divorce, my kids and I moved back to LA and about a week back, I'm face booked that he had just moved back too. With his girlfriend ..

I was so happy to see him. He was so excited to meet my kids. Our friendship picked right back up. His gf was less than pleased though so I kept my distance and understood but we were back friends and our old friends were both our friends again.

Two years later he and his gf broke up. 6 months after that we started to spend time together as friends. But the connection we had and deep love was still there. I started to notice him more like that. Was he chivalrous. Respectful. You know things that u don't really care about as a friend.

Long story short (yeah right).. After about a year of us playing around. We seem to be meant for each other after all.

Sounds dreamy right? It is a great thing on one hand.. Beautiful, awesome. Meant to be. But he's never had kids and asked me if I would ever have more and I said nope. I'm done. But he's not sure that he would be okay if he never had kids of his own and if we were together together than he's letting that all go. To be with me.

He's great w my kids. They love him. He's known them as my friend so there's no weirdness there.
I've spent time wondering if I could have another or would but I won't. I'm almost 43 and my tubes are tied and I'm tired. Lol.

We are loosely together now. In that grey area.. Unsure what he will "decide".., and I respect that.

Grey area sucks cause you're no longer moving forward. But it is what it is.

Phew!!! Anywho. My movie. Lol
When Harry met Sally.


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        Probably somewhere in the "knocked up" region. But okay with it! I left my ex husband at the end of 2011, hung around and was doing the single thing in a new town. Then last February I met my now fiance on a dating website (hush!). We went to Vegas in April and found out we were pregnant in May. Soooo he's known me as a pregnant person longer than he's known me any other way.

        Weird huh? But for someone who didn't think she could have kids, this whole thing kinda rocks my socks off :)
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