You have a vice???

I have a pack of cigarettes in my cupboard that have been there for 2 years.

I don't smoke but back in the day every now and then... Usually with a cocktail I'd have one..

I haven't smoke one in years (once in Vegas in 2012).., but if I found that if I don't have them, I crave them but if I know I COULD have one, I don't.

Weird I know. Even after a glass of wine... Some days when I'm stressed w kids ill think to myself as I'm doing bath time, etc. "oh can't wait to have a drink and I'm gonna smoke one!!"... Just the thought some days makes me feel better. But once they're asleep, I'm over it.

It's like something "bad" I could do when I've been so good a responsible. Lol. But don't actually want it. Just knowing I could have it is appealing.

Anyone else w that type of thing? Candy? Chocolate? Liquor?

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    So funny what we love.
    I hate soda. Lol. But that's so great you've cut it down. That's hard.
    My best friend drinks diet coke constantly it seems and when she went cold turkey she was miserable with headache and the shakes.

    I told her ... Everything in moderation. Set up the diet coke as a treat for you. Something to look forward to at then end if the day or at 3 when u get kids, etc.
      Used to be a big time smoker/drinker. My last cigarette was while I was waiting for the pregnancy test results. My last drink was about a week before that.

      Now it's a glass of wine here and there, haven't touched a cigarette since I quit. Too proud of myself after 18 years of smoking to go back.

      Now.. hmm.. I stopped drinking all caffeine when I was pregnant so I guess drinking a soda is a huge deal when I do. The fiance knows to bring home a coke if I've had a bad day :)
        Chocolate! I crave chocolate everyday! I don't have but maybe once a week to satisfy my cravings, usually its a chocolate covered banana slices by Dole!
          8Theresa Gould
          I'd say chocolate, but has to be something I like. I can leave my husband's Hershey bars alone for some reason but Carmellos or a Cadbury bar, uh-huh. I use to say any sweets but find I can go without baked goods if they are in the house, surprisingly.
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