How did you handle death?

It hasn't happened with my own child yet, but a long time ago when my niece was about 5 years old and living with me, I woke to find her standing by my bed. I asked her if anything was wrong, she said she wanted to feed the parakeets, so I told her that was fine. A few minutes later she came back and said she'd do it later. I asked why? She said they were sleeping. How do you know they're sleeping hon? Because they're laying down... sigh.

Her parents were not religious people, so my niece knew nothing of God or Heaven or Hell. Nothing. She had never been through anything like this. I didn't think it was fair to leave it alone for another 12 hours until her Dad got home.

I was 21 at the time, no kids of my own. She was my only kid experience. I struggled bad with what to say to her. I told her that the birds were not asleep, but they had passed away, I asked her what she thought about that. She said nothing, I didn't push.

I'll never forget how hard she worked on coloring the shoe box that we would lay the birds in to bury. Only the best rainbow could be on the box. Only the best colors used (NO BROWN AUNTIE!!) We dug a little hole in the back ground. Then she looked up at me and with the sweetest voice said, "It was just time for them to have a bigger cage, huh Auntie?"

Yes baby girl. They're in the biggest prettiest bird cage ever made.

    Beautifully done with her.
    I've found that my kids handle death or people around us that have cancer better because they know of heaven. We have friends that are agnostic or whatever it is .. They don't believe in God or heaven. They're scared if death. That its just dark and black and over. You just die. That thought scares the crap out of ME!!! Lol

    Whatever the belief... Their souls or bodies .. You can tell them they live in the clouds now.. Or like you did so perfectly... Best bird cage ever. ;)
      Death is a really hard topic to handle. My grandmother died almost a year ago. We didn't go to the funeral because I was 10 days away from delivery and we are over 500 miles away, but the next time we visited with my grandfather, Mason noticed she was missing and asked about her. We explained to him that she had died and gone to live with God. He will still sometimes ask questions about her and while most are silly (does she eat cake with God? Can I talk to her?) he sometimes asks a question that stops me in my tracks... "Are you and Daddy going to die and go live with God too?" I think you handled the birds beautifully and I honestly think death has to be dealt with differently for each child.
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        It is a hard topic at any age. We have dealt with it as best as we could with our miscarriages, my dad, two uncles, my grandmother and we've had animals die. We try to respond to the questions they have at the time. Not everything is understood at once and sometimes after affects come out later, like when they are a teen wrestling with all the death, the why God allowed it to happen etc.
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