Okay ladies.. how do I make tummy time not so terrible?

So, Charlie is 14 weeks old. I let him go at his own pace for everything and only pay attention to articles and webstuffs as a general guide. Charlie HATES tummy time. His legs are just going crazy, he kicks a lot and even stands a little on them when Dad holds him up, but when he goes down for tummy time those arms just don't move! I'm not concerned about it yet, he'll get to things when he gets to them. But I don't like him being so upset! I've tried getting down to his level, ratting a little toy in front of him, I've tried standing behind him and just letting him do his thing without me in the way, it's good for maybe 30 seconds, they he goes into meltdown mode. I am not a cry it out mom so that is not an option.

I know tummy time is very important, how do I make it less awful for him?

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      I always used a boppy pillow or rolled up blanket to prop my kids up. I put plenty of things for them to look at and stayed down there with them the whole time talking and playing.
        I agree with Christina! Since we switched from tummy time on her safari gym to her boppy, things have been MUCH better!
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