Extra Curriculars?

Are your older children in any extra curriculars? We are currently doing T-Ball and Gymnastics with my son, and Gymnastics with Audrey... she will start Ballet in the fall as well!

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    8Theresa Gould
    Just piano. We've talked about a self-defense class but have yet to do it.
      ODD is in girl scouts and takes classes at her father's synagogue's religious ed twice a week.

      DS is in boy scouts and takes classes at his father's synagogue's religious ed once a week. Until a few weeks ago he also had a mobile therapist coming to the house.

      ODD used to also participate in ballet class once a week, but she wanted to try a new style of dance this year and hated it so badly during the trial session that we decided not to waste our money on it. She can choose something different next year.

      In the summer they both take tumbling together once a week and do several week-long day camps.
        My girls start gymnastics on the 3rd and my oldest starts basketball on the 4th. In the summer 5/6 will be back in s wimming... They were lash summer too:)
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