Oh My Goodness

I always want to fix everyones problems.

    8Theresa Gould
    It's hard, isn't it? I felt like that when I lived near my family. I just wanted what was best for them and it's kind of arrogant now that I think of it but I thought I knew best then too.
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        Ugh.. Me too.. and then I take them onto myself and feel rotten.. I've learned that I can't fix them. and the a lot of times people just want to vent and be heard..

        I learned just recently sadly.. that I can be there for someone without losing myself in it.. But it took me a long time.. I hope your'e there or on your way...
          Me too... it is hard to stay out of it but sometimes it is best to let people choose their own adventure so to speak! Sometimes I get in trouble for opening my mouth when I should have just left it alone!
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