How have you mothered your own mom?

I wouldn't say mothered but I have given my mom advice in the past, especially concerning some choices she made after my dad died. I can only voice my opinion and leave it with her to think about. My mom is a strong woman and makes up her own mind.

What about you, have you mothered your mom?

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    I think that an age when you become the adult and have kids and your mom is at the age when she seems to become more child like.. I mother my mom in advice on how to communicate with her grandchildren. especially the teenagers.. or how to handle a bad neighbor or.. AS for as physical.. I take care of her as much as I can.. Carry her things, help her to the car, take her trash out.. clean.. and generally just care for her when I'm visiting..
      This subject seems to be going around just rephrased... LOL! I wlil defer to a previous answer!
        I always tell my mom what I think. But I'm not very close with my mom like I was before. After I left home my parents divorced . So I just worry about my husband and our son. My mom always goes for the bad boys. I'm totally different then her in that way. But I'm
        the kind of person if I don't like something everyone knows it. I just wish my mom would get married because she is living with her boyfriend. And I told both of them I don't like that.
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