Stinky... FEET!

Ugh... GA Ross.. My daughter's feet are terrible.. LOL... I mean.. awful. and I realized that she's got a little red rash between her toes that when I got up close was the smelly culprit..

So.. Just like when she was a baby.. she gets the little rash from sweat and chubby toes...

A little baking soda foot bath and some cortisone and all good!

For now..

Anyone else's kids have smelly feet? Do you treat it? With what?

    I am not sure what hers are attributed to bu they have a horrible smell!
      mines also have this issue lol! for the longest i thought i wasnt doing something right! My childrens feet at times smell like they just took their feet and stepped into a corn chip bag! lol but their feet sweat ALOT!
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