Hunger Games??

Loved the books.. Loved the movies.. I think they were some of the best movies based on books I've ever seen..

Though the Hunger Games was pretty intense, I did let me kids watch (7 and 9) and they too loved it.. I was worried my daughter wouldn't "get" it and she DID have some questions after.. making sure it's NOT real, etc..

But it's SO GREAT to watch movies that I actually like and WANT to watch with my kids now..

Yay... AS much as I miss them as babies sometimes.. these are those moments when I'm so glad they're older now...

Happy weekend everyone!

    I really like the Hunger Games too! My daughter liked it too!

    Do you all like the Harry Potter series?
    Me too! I have like a "Harry Potter Day" sometimes. hehe All the movies and snacks! nom nom
    Yes!! ha too funny! We're such nerds! Love it!
      I enjoyed the hunger games. My children did watch the movies .. but I was right there with them while they watched. I think any movie will facilitate questions be prepared!
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