About Husband wanting another Child!

My husband wants to have another baby already are daughter is only 5 months old. I am unsure about having another kid so soon. I know I want another one. I am 30 years old and did have issue's getting pregnant to begin with so I am wondering if maybe it is a good thing to try again so soon or maybe it's to early. I would like some suggestions. I love my daughter to death. I would not mind having another child but I just feel it may be to soon.

    Tell him exactly how you feel. men don't have to go through the same things women do. If I had a husband and he said this to me, I would get all sassy and say (or at least think) something like this: "uh NO, did YOU have to go through all this pain, getting up 20 times a night to go to the loo, eatin up everything in the house, getting stretch marks, not fittin in your clothes, not to mention, pushing a human being out my body! Til you know what that's like, you will WAIT til I'm ready....crazy.." :p
      Kimberly... you must do what is best for your family. Do not let others dictate for you!
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