I still sleep with my baby! He's 6 months old, and he's getting pretty big, but you will feel reassured and very safe if your baby sleeps with you. I was so worried about my little one, because I didn't think I could have a baby, and he was a miracle, that I had him sleep on my chest from the time he was born. If you do co- sleep, make sure you are very close to the wall on your bed so baby doesn't roll off onto the floor. Putting pillows on the floor might suffocate the baby if baby should fall. You also might wanna break baby of sleeping with you before 1 1/2. Otherwise, getting baby in baby's own room might be hard.

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    I always let baby sleep with me too...although precautions were taken!
      We co sleep too... we actually have a family bed, all 5 of us sleep together!

      p.s. GOOSE CREEK!!! YAY!
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