complete surprise

Both mine were surprises. I was told before having Mikey that i would need help getting pregnant, and when i got pregnant, his father and i were on the verge of splitting up, I even know the date and exactly what we were doing when i conceived. thats how little intimacy happened between us. But it happened, and I couldnt love him more than i do. With Caroline we arent sure how that happened. I had an IUD in, on top of my previous issue of having a tilted uterus, only one partially working tube, and a rare thing about my blood that actually aborts the baby before you even know you are pregnant. It was also during one of the most stressful times of my life when my boyfriend and i were splitting up. even the Drs were baffled at how I got pregnant, carried 41 weeks, and had a 10 pound baby girl. all I know is she was a miricle and both my children have saved me from the darkest times in my life when i didnt think i could handle life. I call them my surprises, not accidents

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    All babies are blessings and wonders! i agree that they are surprises not accidents!
      Wow! What little miracle babies! So glad you were blessed with them... and that they were blessed with you as their mama!
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