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My baby always very tired after breastfeeding: is it normal?
Breast feeding is a comfort for little ones, soothes and calms your baby. If your baby has nursed for at least 20 minutes they should be fine to take a nap. If your baby falls asleep within the first few minutes after starting to nurse. If this happens, there are things you can do to wake your baby up and encourage a feeding. Try rubbing your finger on their foot or down their spine. Try re-latching your baby. Try holding your baby on your lap in a sitting position and rub and pat her back firmly. This will often wake a baby or cause a burp, which may make your baby more interested in feeding.
Did anyone ever tell you that… babies are born with no established circadian rhythms? They can’t tell day from night, and they take several months to develop their own cycles. They also do not make their own melatonin (a sleep-inducing hormone) for much of their early life. But, guess what has plenty of melatonin in it? Your nighttime breast milk!
So, scientists actually think that melatonin-rich nighttime breast milk helps babies develop their own circadian cycles and helps them eventually learn to sleep longer stretches at night.
If your baby remains sleepy, is feeding poorly, or hasn't had enough wet diapers or stools, call your baby's health care provider.

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    Right, my doctor called it milk drunk lol!
      Such a great thing to post as it's one of those things you don't really think about/talk about but it's SO true! Breastfeeding is super super comforting to babies, no reason they shouldn't fall asleep!
      Yea! Definitely!
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