Are you a morning person?

Are you a morning person or a late night person?

I am a morning person for sure. As the day drags on I get so tired and just can't wait for bed time.

How about you ladies? Morning or night person?

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      Im a morning person after a few cups of coffee :)
        I'm an afternoon person. Lol. Or before noon person. My best part of the day and I love the feel of the days at that time.

        I don't wake up grumpy or nasty but I do NOT wake up chipper. At all.

        I'm quiet and slushy. Need quiet time, coffee, my news on my phone... I need to come into the day... I can't just wake up and go!!

        No matter what time I have to leave in a morning. Even if its 4:30 am (not often but sometimes)... I still will set my alarm at 3 or 3:15.. So I have that time to make coffee and sit for a bit.

        Is that weird?? Lol.
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