For the picky moms out there, baby shower

A great baby shower idea.

Instead of your friends and family giving gifts have them give you gift cards. Its a great way buy what you want and set up your nursery the way you want. You can also buy things for your baby with your choice of style and what not!

I wish I had someone give me this idea before I had my baby shower, would have been great for me because I am one picky person!

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      great idea! I only had 1 baby shower 11 years ago but I got multiple of the same things and ended up having to contact for receipts to exchange it was a bit of a pain!
        Love this idea as a recipient... but as a gift giver I like to find something that I like and I know they will like as well. I shop off the registry almost all the time, and sometimes throw in a baby/mommy essential I know they can't live without ;)
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