I don't think I am tough enough to do it.

God bless the ones that do their so brave lol,but seriously I don't want to I am a first to be mom but I know me and pain don't mix well at all I think I will pass on this one with my baby.

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    It was directed to me I don't think I can handle so much pain I am already scared about giving birth but I think of bringing my baby into the world.
      I don't think it has anything to do with how "tough" you are.. At all.. I think that's the biggest misconception and myth out there.. that women that have natural births are somehow stronger, better, tougher..

      I've had both... well, my initial goal with my son was to have a natural childbirth BECAUSE I had this idea that I was tough and would prove it.. But after 16 hours.. I was miserable... and not just because of the pain.. Women that have natural births have the ability to go to a place inside themselves to focus and mediate and channel and disconnect if you will, I was able to go to that place, but what I found. was that while I found a place inside myself where I was able to "endure" the pain, I was totally disconnected from what was happening around me.. In order to get through it, I closed my eyes a lot, was barely able to speak, I don't remember anything of that time... I went to a place inside myself to handle.. BUT.. I wasn't present if you will..

      Once I got the epidural... ( I was being prepared for a C-Section as my baby was too big for me).. But then I had to wait a few hours as there were emergency's around me.. ONCE i got the epidural, I "came to".. I was able to chat, talk, laugh, look at my husband, joke with the nurses, take a call from my mom and sister, eat a slushy... I was having an enjoyable experience..The whole next 3 hours was awesome.. I loved the nurses tending to me, I joked with the Doctor, I spoke to and with my husband, I was totally aware..

      I had me c-section, everybody was fine.. no negative side effects, nothing..

      My second, I had a vaginal birth and got an epidural as soon as I could.. and same thing, I loved being there, I loved having the birthing experience.. I was present and I remember everything..

      Maybe not all women have to disconnect like I did.. Maybe some women can be present and still channel and meditate and get through the pain in a way that isn't my way, which was total and utter focus.. where I lost everything around me..

      The pain is intense.. you can do it.. sometimes you just MUST do it, you don't have a choice sometimes.. our bodies are amazing, but I wouldn't trade my experience from beginning to end for anything.. I loved it..

      So again, I think that women feel like women that give birth naturally or some amazing being.. I think they are amazing, but not for that.. I think we and our bodies are ALL amazing because we created, carried and then gave birth to a human life..

      I don't judge anyone based on their birthing decisions. At all.. BUT, I have a hard time with the whole unspoken, you're better than I am because you did it naturally theme that goes on..

      Giving birth is something you must do.. none if it is easy.. But the true strength comes from BEING a mother..

      I don't mean it by saying women who get epidural are weaker than women who are giving a natural birth I don't mean to offend anyone if I did I am sorry it was directed to only me and it was kind of trying to make a funny comment out of a question asked saying I know myself and me and pain don't mix well so epidural will be at least a lil better but the further along I get im scared of the pain but I am trying to think of bringing my child into this world.
        I just think being a mom makes us tough, who cares how we got here. But I will say this. When my OB and I discussed pain medication options for delivery. I said I didn't want anything, just wait and see if I need it.. her response was this:

        "My job is to deliver a healthy, pink, angry, screaming baby. Not coddle you for hours because you're trying to earn some medal."

        So yeah.. I went with a spinal block and I'm glad I did!
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