Little Girls and Makeup

How do you feel about little girl wearing makeup?

Play makeup? Makeup for pictures, performances, dances, etc?

Personally I worry about the message it sends our little girls. I worry it is telling them they are not pretty enough. I don't wear makeup so my girls don't see it on a regular basis but they are still very aware of makeup and are interested in it. It kind of saddens me.

How do you feel?

    I agree with the aspect of giving little girls the wrong idea.. My biggest beef is with TV shows.. the older shows, like "jesse".. she is 16? and has SO MUCH MAKEUP ON IT"S DISGUSTING.. she looks 40 and trampy and I hate it...

    My daughter likes to play with it and put it on.. and I too rarely wear makeup.. I wear lipgloss but that's pretty much it.. and when I DO wear makeup, it's minimal..

    I told my daughter that makeup is there to accentuate what you already got.. That if you have makeup ON, then no one should actually SEE it.. or just a hint of it.. and that it should be used to being out your eyes, or lip color, not cover..

    I think makeup is fine.. in moderation.. some friend I have go to the GYM in makeup.. I tell my 7 year old that she can play all she wants.. and on special occasions, she gets to wear light light pink lipgloss.. and that's not because she wants to "be pretty", but because it makes her feel fun and good .. and since I only wear it on special occasions, auditions or meetings.. she knows that it's something reserved for that extra little something something..

    But the shows and magazines and online.. I think it can be creative, but the true makeup artists are the ones that look like they're barely wearing anything at all..
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