Hot Mess Days...How Do you Handle them

How do you handle the days when your kids are just a flat out hot mess. Today Holly has been grumpy and whining since she woke up! mainly due to a cold she's been battling but just nothing seemed to be right with her today, she also managed to bump her head TWICE, was a crying mess through dinner and barley ate. I am going to take her to the doc monday to get her checked out and make sure she doesn't have an ear infection but GOODNESS, she has been just a mess today.

How do you moms handle those days? You just muddle through? wine? Coffee? haha what is your coping skill?

    I will put my young kid in a bath and let her just play and have some alone time. My big kids are worse though. I do make them all take long showers and then we do a movie day. If it is nice out then I send everyone outside though.
      i roll with it and be supportive
        Sometimes my daughter is a HOT MESS in the hair department ...she will leave the house and go to the bus stop with an unruley mop of hair... I cannot believe it... I have to scoot her back inside to brush her hair! (she is 10 ... gotta intsall good hair management!)
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