Cost of a newborn

I'm going to skip the prenatal care cost and will talk about shopping for a newborn.
Some basic supplies to consider buying include:
Car seat
Diapers and wipes
Changing table
A few baby clothes to get you started-well, that depends on whether you want designer or wal mart clearance clothes. For something from GAP, you're looking at $40 per outfit ... for something from Wal Mart, you're looking at $5 per outfit.
Baby monitor
A thrifty parent can buy these for about $450 by shopping for bargains.

You can also save money by using cloth diapers. Wipes can also be substituted for washcloths, saving you about $10-$15 for a box of almost 400, which typically lasts a few weeks for one child.

Let's continue...

The occasional purchases-
baby tylenol-$10
baby motrin-$10
baby lotion-$5
and other medications- orajel, teething tabs, teething rings, little noses, little tummies ranging in price from $2-$10
toys during age appropriate times- anywhere from $5 to $100
if you're planning on feeding the baby formula it's about $30 a can, which will last you about a week or so.

The most expensive item as far as having a baby is the Medical cost. The cost of pre-natal visits, labor/delivery, then the frequent doctor visists after the baby is born. If you have good insurance, you're set! If not, then that's where it can get costly. Babies have 'well visits' every other month when they're first born. . then every couple months after that.

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      Babies ARE costly but worth it ALL!
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