What a wonderful stress free day i had. It was long time

Well since tomorow is my bday i had an amazing day today.
First off my mom came to watch kids this morning so i didnt have to drag two kids with me to swim lessons.
After swim lesson i came home to put vince for his morning nap. Then got ready for a baby shower.
At the baby shower haiden and logan were playing with the other kids and vince was being the perfect baby. He even made it without a bottle til we got home.
After the shower i put kids in their room, fed vince a bottle and got ready for date night.
My mom came back at 4:30 to watch the kids. I explained routines to her and she did awesome considering her injury to her foot.
My husband and i went to a great resturarant, he got me a deep fryer i have been wanting, and rum chata and new baking sheets along with a big jug of vegetable oil and olive oil.
Came home kids were in bed, and i said good night to them, had a shot of rum chata and resting.

Tomorow going shopping in a mall with my mom.

    Thanks ladies
      Sounds like you enjoyed your time! Enjoy the future time with your mom!
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